Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Character Interview: Malcolm King

Name: Malcolm King

Real Name: Unknown

Sex: Male

Birth place: Toreth

Age: 38

Age sent to the Desert Land: 30

Crime committed: Unknown

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Body Type: Muscular

Facial features: Trimmed beard.

Weapon of Choice: Revolver.

Philosophy: “There ain’t no hope for us, Dray. We’ll die here, one way or another.”


Matthew: Malcolm King, how are you?

King: Still alive, ain’t I?

Matthew: Fair enough. How’s the Desert Land treating you?

King: Not bad. It’s got good whiskey ‘n good women. Can’t complain.

Matthew: Your ally Drayaden said it’s a place that steals your soul.

King: Oh Dray – kid can never relax. Sumptin’s wrong with ‘em. Too dark and broodin’ fer me.

Matthew: So it isn’t true?

King: Nah. He gotta point. This place feeds off ya. If ya aren’t crazy before you get off the train, ya certainly will be after.

*Malcolm lights a cigarette and takes a big swig of whiskey*

King: What else ya wanna know?

Matthew: Is Malcolm King your real name?

King: No. We don’t talk ‘bout our past here.

Matthew: When did you arrive on the Desert Land?

King: Eight years ago.

Matthew: What crime—

King: Gonna stop ya right there. First rule of the Desert Land, pal: don’t ask what someone did. Never ends well, I tell ya that.

*Malcolm downs his glass of whiskey and pours in some more*

Matthew: Are you drunk right now?

King: No, but I will be soon. So if ya got any more questions ya better ask ‘em now.

Matthew: So you’re accompanying Drayaden to the town of Joshua. Why?

King: I gotta know.

Matthew: Gotta know what?

King: How he dodged my bullet. Now if you’ll excuse me, there are some women at the bar that need my attention.

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