Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Character Interview: Drayaden Sinclaire

Name: Drayaden Sinclaire

Sex: Male

Birth place: Toreth

Age: Late twenties, specific age unknown

Age sent to the Desert Land: Fourteen

Crime Committed: Unknown

Eyes: Blue and Violet

Hair: Gray, white

Body Type: Gaunt

Facial features: Numerous scars

Weapon of Choice: Revolver, sword when all else fails.

Philosophy: “All debts must be repaid. It’s the only way to survive.”


Matthew: Drayaden Sinclaire – that’s your real name?

Drayaden: That’s what’s on my file.

Matthew: That’s not the answer to the question.

Drayaden: I know...

Matthew: Ahem. *Clears throat* How long have you been on the Desert Land?

Drayaden: I don’t know. Fourteen years?

Matthew: How would you describe the Desert Land?

Drayaden: It’s where all the devils go to play. A place that makes you forget what it’s like to be human. It’s a place that steals your soul.

Matthew: Cheery, aren’t we?

Drayaden: You asked.

Matthew: If you could describe it one word, what would it be?

Drayaden: Relentless.

Matthew: How so?

Drayaden: The weight of the Desert Land never leaves. It’s always there, whether it’s in the deals you make, the murderers you cross paths with, the vicious beasts, or in the smothering heat and frigid cold. There is never a time when the Desert Land’s power doesn’t have a hold of you.

Matthew: Is there anything else that holds that kind of power of you?

Drayaden: *Drayaden glances to his sword* No.

Matthew: Let’s switch gears, then, shall we? Tell me about your friend, Malcolm.

Drayaden: He’s not my friend. There are no friends on the Desert Land. If you start to think like that, you’ll end up dead.

Matthew: So what is Malcolm to you?

Drayaden: An ally.

Matthew: How long have you known him?

Drayaden: A few years now.

Matthew: He seems loyal.

Drayaden: Until I fail on one of our trades. He wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in me.

Matthew: So what’s this new deal all about? You’re traveling from Moon to Joshua?

Drayaden: Yes. Took a deal at the Northwall. Wife came to me searching for her missing son and husband. No one’s heard from them in three months. I’ve agreed to find out what’s going on. Malcolm tagged along.

Matthew: What did you get in exchange?

Drayaden: Refuge. She offered me her home if I should ever need it.

Matthew: Sounds reasonable.

Drayaden: Depends on what the hell I find. It seemed reasonable at the time, but I could be walking into a firing squad and wouldn’t know it till I got there.

*Drayaden stands*

Drayaden: Are we done here?

Matthew: Uh sure. Wait — just one more thing: what’s with the sword on your hip?

*Drayaden walks out the door*

Matthew: Well that went well.

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