Sunday, February 22, 2015

Preview of my novel 'Moon to Joshua'

 I'm proud to announce to you all that I've signed a book contract with EDGE science fiction and fantasy publishing, who will electronically publish my novel in November. The date has been pushed back to give other authors time to review my novel. I hope you'll buy it.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you all about my book and provide a preview so that people who stumble upon this page can gauge whether or not this novel is something they might be interested in.

My book, Moon to Joshua, centers around a man named Drayaden Sinclaire who lives his life day to day simply trying to survive on a desert wasteland. The Desert Land is filled with people, who, when they committed a crime, were put on a train and sent there, partly out of fear, partly out of hatred. Now, the citizens try and make due. Many try and start over, others embrace the evil inside of them, the killers and such, and some of them just want to go home. On the Desert Land, there are two main rules for those wanting to survive: 1) you always pay your debts, and 2) you never ask what one did to get there. For Drayaden, the rules a little more complicated: he kills when he needs to, never before; he always pays off his debts, and he never draws his sword. However, Drayaden's world begins to crumble when a town mysteriously vanishes into thin air--no wood, no bones, and no tools remain.

It is here that Drayaden begins to search, hoping to solve the mystery as to whom or what caused the destruction. But that road is paved with glass, glass that slices away at the layers of his mind, forcing him to face the very thing that frightens him most: himself.

So that's it. That's all you're getting. It has cowboys, swords, guns, whiskey, science fiction, and fantasy. On a deeper level, it asks what you are willing to accept about yourself, to acknowledge the part of yourself you hate to admit you have, and to come to terms with the choices you've made. It's about redemption. And I hope you enjoy it.

Moon to Joshua comes out soon as an e-novel by EDGE science fiction and fantasy. It will be available for preorder in November for $2.99; the kindle edition can be downloaded to your phone or tablet by simply downloading the app and then buying the book. After the initial preorder phase, the novel will go on sale for $5.99, and (hopefully), if people want, to purchase Print On Demand copies (POD).

I'll keep you updated.



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